A Cook's Plot

Top 5 Recipes: No. 5

Number 5: Lemon Biscuits

Recipe: acooksplot.com/2018-02-28-lemon-biscuits

And finally, the last of my Top 5 favourite recipes in the year since I started A Cook’s Plot… In at number 5, this is one of the very first recipes I posted. I’ve been making these biscuits since I was doing my cookery O level - that’s nearly 40 years ago (gulp!) and I hadn’t ever thought to change it. But one of my most loyal readers told me that he accidentally added the rind of a whole lemon instead of just half when he made the biscuits, and rather liked the result - I tried it myself and I loved it too. The extra lemony-ness makes them even more delicious. Let me know what you think of them if you decide to give them a go!

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